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Difference in A-2 & A-1 Milk

A - 2 Milk

Gir Cow Milk (A-2 Milk)

Indian Desi cows produce A2 milk which contain A2 beta-casien protein.

Desi cow milk contains only A2 protein and no A1.

High level of Omega-3 that cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vesels.

Cerebrosides present in A2 milk increase brain power.

Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body immunity and protects from harmful radiation.

A - 1 Milk

Ordinary Cow (Jersey/H.F.) Milk (A-1 Milk)

• Jersey cow produces A1 milk which contains A1 beta-casein protein.

• All ordinary milk has a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins.

• Harmful to human body.

• Autism, Schizophrenia, Stomach Ulcer, Type 1 diabetes and cardiac diseases.

• Holsteins and Friesians are not native breeds of India.

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Gaonwala Dairy Farms is a family owned and operated business with an objective to deliver farm fresh Desi Cow Milk. As a successful group that focuses on fulfilling customer expectations, we’re always on the lookout of opportunities to help our customers. Our ventures in construction, education, and manufacturing are a testimony of our dedication to excellence.

Just like we understand requirements and responsibilities in real estate, we understand the importance of the health and well-being of our fellow citizens. Thus, we undertook the big task of bringing about a revolution in the dairy Industry and Desi cow breeding. We started with the basics – Desi cows. Our 2.6-acre farm near Orai is a reflection of our love and affection for our Dear friends.

With state-of-the-art facilities, latest technologies and an impeccable natural environment, we have pledged to change the way milk is produced, processed and consumed.

Discover the goodness of fresh milk, produced by some of the happiest cows in our country.